Cheese & More by Henri Willig

The luxury Cheese & More gift shops by Henri Willig have a wide range of fine foods on offer, such as Henri Willig’s traditionally made cheeses, cheese dips, mustard, chutney, preserves and traditionally made nougat. Our expert shop staff will gladly advise you on the origin and flavours of all cheese products. You can sample them for yourself as well. 

Always a special gift

Easy for you, a treat for the person receiving it: ready-made gifts. The Cheese & More shops by Henri Willig offer gift sets for young and old. Each set includes an exquisite selection of cheeses and fine foods, varying from spicy to soft. 

If you like to make a selection yourself, our shop staff will wrap it up as a nice gift, for a birthday, an anniversary, for your friends overseas or just because you can – it will surely be appreciated!


Looking for a special present?

We have an inspirational collection of hand-made gifts. Special cheeses combined with matching products like chutney, jam, wine, dry sausage, traditionally prepared nougat and many other delicacies. But we can design and create tailor-made gift package on request.

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